If you are buying or selling a home, farm land, or commercial property, the lawyers at Francis & Company have the expertise to assist you with the transaction.

The purchase or sale of a home is often the single largest financial transaction a person will ever make; it is not a decision that should be rushed into. A contract of purchase and sale of property is an important legal commitment that places a number of personal, financial and legal obligations on both parties. The terms and conditions of the contract bind both parties and can be difficult to change once both parties have signed. It is therefore important for both sellers and buyers to seek legal advice at every step in the process from the making of an offer to the negotiation of a mortgage to the transfer of the ownership to ensure that the documents accurately reflect their desires, protect their interests, and are legally sound.

The lawyers at Francis & Company can assist in interpreting the legal and financial documents involved in a real estate transaction. We can help to make the transfer of property a smooth and easy one. Our office will search the title and perform other services as necessary. These services include removing encumbrances on title, having a new mortgage registered on the title, and ensuring that mortgage money is advanced and proceeds are available to the seller. Our lawyers will act to protect the interests of the buyer or the seller of real estate. In situations where it is appropriate to represent the buyer and the seller we are happy to do so, which allows the parties to share some of the costs associated with the transaction.

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